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Loading Dock Separation Accidents: How They Happen

   A loading dock separation accident is one in which a truck moves away from the dock while a forklift operator is unloading or loading the truck. Loading dock separation accidents can cause serious, long-term injuries or, even worse, fatalities for forklift operators. There are four extremely common kinds of loading dock separation accidents that can happen, but preventative safety measures can minimize the risk of them happening in your facility.   Early Departure (Aggressive Pullout) The first common type of loading dock separation accidents is an early departure, also known as an aggressive pullout. This happens when the driver of a truck that is not secured to the loading dock leaves the dock while a forklift operator is in...

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Sealing Systems for Overhead Loading Dock Doors and Gates

Sealing systems for overhead loading dock doors and gates are necessary components for loading docks because they seal the space between your facility and a docked trailer. Sealing systems provide essential benefits for your loading docks and warehouse, including: Maintain the internal temperature of the warehouse, reducing energy costs in extreme heat and extreme cold Protect your incoming and outgoing freight from damage Give loading dock workers a safer work environment by preventing ice, sleet, and snow from accumulating on the loading dock that can result in injuries from slipping, sliding, or falling Prevent mice and rats from entering the warehouse Protect the warehouse from theft Protect the warehouse from entry by people who are not authorized to be there. Turn...

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OSHA Standards and Warehouse Safety: A Closer Look

 It is critical for facilities to ensure that they are meticulously following the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards in their warehouses because employee safety is paramount to successfully running a warehouse. OSHA inspections are not scheduled, so they can happen at any time. The federal arm of OSHA inspects about 40,000 facilities a year. 26 state OSHA organizations inspect another 60,000 facilities annually. The dollar cost of citations for violating OSHA standards can be up to $7,000 for violations that are not serious, but if re-inspections show the same violations, the cost can be up to $70,000. However, the cost of OSHA fines should not be the primary motivation for keeping your warehouse in compliance with OSHA standards....

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Tips for Making Your Loading Dock More Energy-Efficient In the Summer

Loading docks can contribute to increased warehouse energy costs during the warm summer months. However, there are some steps you can take to make your loading dock more energy-efficient and potentially lower those costs.  Before doing anything else, check your loading dock doors to ensure that they are perfectly aligned and fit tightly into their frames. Wear and tear from raising and lowering the loading dock doors continuously during operating hours will eventually create cracks and gaps that allow cold air to escape, making the inside hotter and sending cooling systems into overdrive to try to regulate the temperature. Depending on how extensive the damage is to your loading dock doors, you can choose either to repair them or replace...

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How Do You Assess Warehouse Risk?

Your warehouse is the center of your company’s operations, and if something catastrophic happens, it could dramatically harm your business. However, while devastating losses in warehouses are not the norm, the facts are that about half a million dollars in damages occur every eleven days in warehouses in the U.S. because of inadequate risk assessment. To reduce the possibility of warehouse losses, you must be able to foresee where potential risks lie and take action to minimize them. We will look at four areas that should be considered when assessing warehouse risk.   Security Because warehouses often have inventory on hand, they are at high risk for both employee or contractor theft and break-ins. It is estimated that 50 billion...

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