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Rite-Hite 503


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Holdown- Ramp Control w/5015 Ratchet Bar

For use with 8-foot leveler

If purchasing this you should consider upgrading to the Auto-Release version of the holdown the 503AR

This is for use with Rite-Hite dock levelers.


A dock leveler hold-down can be mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical. The purpose of a hold-down is to maintain the dock leveler at a set height below, at, or above the loading dock when it is not being used. If ramp control teeth are damaged, or brake systems are worn on a load dock leveler, the dock leveler can pop up, which creates an unsafe condition.

This part is for Rite-Hite mechanical dock levelers. It is a hold-down ramp control replacement part that stabilizes the dock leveler and minimizes the possibility of dock leveler pop-ups.

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  • What is the difference between the 503 and 503AR?

    The AR in the 503AR stands for Auto-Release.   This feature automatically recycles the holdown during use, which in-turn relieves the excessive stress put on the dock leveler caused by air-ride trailers.We recommend anyone looking at the 503 should consider upgrading to the 503AR.

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dock cylinder

Works good and fast to ship.


Yes everything worked out great thank you