DLM Loading Dock Levelers Replacement Parts

PartsBrite.com carries a wide variety of replacement parts for DLM loading dock levelers.  Located in Arkansas, DLM (Dock Leveler Manufacturing) has been manufacturing dock equipment for almost 60 years. Among the types of dock leveler equipment that DLM offers are pit-style dock levelers with a choice of mechanical, hydraulic, or air-powered systems. DLM also manufactures mechanical and hydraulic edge-of-dock levelers. With an awareness of the need for a lower-cost dock solution, DLM provides top-of-dock levelers, which are much less expensive, but just as safe and efficient, than pit-style dock levelers.

Also, DLM offers a complete line of dock safety products, including vehicle restraints, dock communication systems, and safety barriers.


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Diagram 1

Top Selling DLM Dock Parts

DLM Springs

DLM Holdown / Ramp Control

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