Poweramp Loading Dock Levelers Replacement Parts

PartsBrite.com carries a wide variety of replacement parts for Poweramp loading dock levelers.  A division of Systems LLC., Poweramp was created by George McGuire, along with McGuire and DLM. In 1961, George McGuire was an engineer who felt he could find a better way to meet the docking needs of businesses with products that would have a higher level of reliability, durability, and consistency.

Poweramp manufactures hydraulic dock levelers, air-powered dock levelers, and mechanical dock levelers available. It also provides edge-of-dock levelers available for those with smaller budgetary options, and vertical storing dock levelers for those with more extensive environmental control needs.

Its specialty dock levelers include the Lizard Lip pit leveler, a high-strength, hydraulic leveler with an extendable lip that keeps lift trucks from driving over the edge, and also provides a telescoping platform.

Based in two U.S. locations (Germantown, Wisconsin and Malvern, Arkansas), Poweramp is a proudly “Made in America” brand.

Along with the products mentioned above, Poweramp also produces vehicle restraints and a vast assortment of docking accessories that make it possible to outfit any dock with all of the best Poweramp products.



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