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Dock Leveler Brand Description

We proudly sell aftermarket replacement parts for the following manufactures.

Blue Giant Dock Leveler Parts

Blue Giant

We carry replacement parts for Blue Giant Loading Dock Levelers. Blue Giant is a manufacturer of dock levelers, vehicle restraints, seals and shelters among other items. Blue Giant has offices in Ontario, Canada, and Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Bluff Dock Leveler Parts


Bluff Manufacturing is a Texas-based company that provides dock equipment to large and small companies throughout North, Central, and South America. Bluff Manufacturing produces an extensive array of products that include dock levelers, stairways, portable yard ramps, slab handlers, steel and aluminum dock boards and plates, ladders, rail boards, mezzanines, and safety equipment.

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Copperloy Dock Leveler Parts


Copperloy has been producing loading dock equipment for material handling for more than 50 years. At its factory in Ohio, Copperloy manufactures dock solutions products that include specialty ramps, dock levelers, lifts, yard ramps, dock boards, and dock accessories.

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DLM Dock Leveler Parts


Located in Arkansas, DLM (Dock Leveler Manufacturing) has been manufacturing dock equipment for almost 60 years. Among the types of dock leveler equipment that DLM offers are pit-style dock levelers with a choice of mechanical, hydraulic, or air-powered systems. DLM also manufactures mechanical and hydraulic edge-of-dock levelers. With an awareness of the need for a lower-cost dock solution, DLM provides top-of-dock levelers, which are much less expensive, but just as safe and efficient, than pit-style dock levelers.

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Ellis Dock Leveler Parts


Ellis Industries, Inc., based in southern California, has been manufacturing dock solutions equipment and parts since 1969. Among the dock solutions that Ellis produces are hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers, edge-mounted dock levelers, portable loading docks, and build access ramps.

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Kelley Dock Leveler Parts


Kelley’s range of products includes vertical dock levelers, mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered dock levelers, edge-of-dock levelers, dock lifts, in-plant lifts, dock bridges, and dock management systems.

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Kelley Atlantic Dock Leveler Parts

Kelley Atlantic

Kelley Atlantic was a manufacturer of dock solutions and equipment. Industry buzz believes that a former employee of Kelley Entrematic formed Kelley Atlantic because most of Kelley Entrematic’s parts fit the dock levelers that Kelley Atlantic manufactured.

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McGuire Dock Leveler Parts


McGuire provides a comprehensive collection of docking equipment with a focus on design competence, manufacturing quality, and lifetime support for every product. The company’s headquarters is located in Germantown, Wisconsin and an additional facility is in Malvern, Arkansas.

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Nordock Dock Leveler Parts


Nordock offers a vast number of docking products, including all the most prominent dock leveler options (such as hydraulic, mechanical, and air-powered), scissor lifts, dock seals, dock shelters, vehicle restraints, and much more.

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Nova Dock Leveler Parts


Nova doesn’t only produce safety barriers and vehicle restraints. It also manufactures products for other docking needs, such as dock levelers (which include hydraulic and mechanical levelers), dock seals, and dock shelters. The company has offices around the country to help meet all customer service needs.

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OHD Dock Leveler Parts


Overhead Doors is a manufacturer of dock levelers.

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Pentalift Dock Leveler Parts


Starting as a family business in 1983, Pentalift was founded with a focus on engineering lift tables from the design phase, to manufacturing, and then to the sale. This wholesale engineering process has made Pentalift a dominant force in its native Canada, as well as in America and increasingly in Europe.

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Pioneer Dock Leveler Parts


Pioneer Dock Equipment has been based in Spring Hill, Tennessee for more than 35 years. Its products include dock levelers, pit levelers, edge-of-dock levelers, and top-of-dock levelers, and many other products are available. They also manufacture truck restraints, dock seals, dock shelters, and a wide variety of dock accessories. Those accessories include the GuardIt series that helps ensure work remains as safe as it is productive. Among these products are found bumpers, wheel chocks, dock lights, dock fans, traffic lights, the versa panel, and the dura-jack.

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Rite Hite Dock Leveler Part


As perhaps the biggest name in dock levelers and vehicle restraint systems, Rite-Hite has the sort of long history of success expected from such a business leader. Founded in 1965 by Arthur K. White (whose son, Mike White, continues the family’s involvement in the business today as owner and chairman), Rite-Hite has been a major manufacturer and idea leader in the docking industry ever since.

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High-Performance Doors are the Focus at Rytec. They are the undisputed leader in the industry for High-Speed doors. Rytec corporate offices and manufacturing operations are headquartered in Jackson, Wisconsin, with additional manufacturing operations in Hartford, Wisconsin. Customer support is provided through a dedicated network of local dealers and installers throughout North America.

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Serco Dock Leveler Parts


As part of the entrance automation company Entrematic (which also includes the brands Amarr, Kelley, Dynaco, Ditec), Serco can draw on a vast amount of expertise from its partners. The company manufactures hydraulic dock levelers, safety-focused products, and programmable control systems.

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Vestil Dock Leveler Parts


Vestil Manufacturing started as an off-shoot of T&S Equipment in Albion, Michigan in 1958. It remains a family company, run now in the fourth generation after their initial founding. In later decades, the company moved slightly south to Angola, Indiana, where it remains situated, now running four facilities from that location with over 1,000,000 square feet required to handle all of its manufacturing and warehousing. The company has over 1,000 product lines, most of which remain available at all times.

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