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PartsBrite.com carries a wide variety of replacement parts for Rite-Hite loading dock levelers.  As perhaps the biggest name in dock levelers and vehicle restraint systems, Rite-Hite has the sort of long history of success expected from such a business leader. Founded in 1965 by Arthur K. White (whose son, Mike White, continues the family’s involvement in the business today as owner and chairman), Rite-Hite has been a major manufacturer and idea leader in the docking industry ever since.

This focus on innovation has allowed Rite-Hite to create a long line of unsurpassable products of unmatched quality. Its Litespeed Door, for example, is faster and more reliable than others because it requires fewer moving parts. At the same time, safety remains a primary focus with the inclusion of the Reversing Slack Sensor. The Revolution HVLS fan has become the default choice for businesses because of its affordability combined with the highest level of efficiency when controlling the warehouse climate.

These products only hint at the long history of innovation that continues straight through to today with Rite-Hite. In 1980, the business introduced the DOK-LOK Vehicle Restraint, which remains an industry leader today. With product after product meeting that same level of sturdiness and safety (such as the SAFE-T-TIP hydraulic dock leveler, the Global Wheel-Lok wheel restraint, the FasTrax high-speed door, and the Eclipse loading dock seal), it’s no wonder that Rite-Hite has become the obvious preferred choice for industries around the planet.

Rite-Hite is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   They have international locations in China, Germany, and Brazil. 

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