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Holdown- Ramp Control w/5015 Ratchet Bar

For use with 8-foot leveler

If purchasing this you should consider upgrading to the Auto-Release version of the holdown the 503AR

This is for use with Rite-Hite dock levelers.

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More Description for Rite-Hite 503

A dock leveler hold-down can be mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical. The purpose of a hold-down is to maintain the dock leveler at a set height below, at, or above the loading dock when it is not being used. If ramp control teeth are damaged, or brake systems are worn on a load dock leveler, the dock leveler can pop up, which creates an unsafe condition.

This part is for Rite-Hite mechanical dock levelers. It is a hold-down ramp control replacement part that stabilizes the dock leveler and minimizes the possibility of dock leveler pop-ups.

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  • What is the difference between the 503 and 503AR?

    The AR in the 503AR stands for Auto-Release.   This feature automatically recycles the holdown during use, which in-turn relieves the excessive stress put on the dock leveler caused by air-ride trailers.We recommend anyone looking at the 503 should consider upgrading to the 503AR.

  • what's the difference between the Auto-Release version of the hold own the 503AR and the Holdown- Ramp Control w/5015 Ratchet Bar

    The difference is just the auto-release feature. It is more cost effective in the long run.

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dham vayalur
maintenance mech

Product was easy to identify and easy to install. Dock plate works fantastically

Scott Smith
dock cylinder

Works good and fast to ship.

Matt Wilson

Yes everything worked out great thank you