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Multi-Fab 503AR Loading Dock Leveler Holdown 360 Rotation


One of the reasons I am proud to distribute Multi-Fab parts is their innovations in the loading dock leveler industry.  I want to draw your attention to the Auto Release mechanisms they engineered for hold-downs. 

Air-suspension trailers can cause a lot of wear and tear and damage on loading dock levelers because they move continuously while the trailer is being loaded or unloaded. The most common part of dock levelers that is damaged is the hold-downs, which are specifically designed to prevent trailer pop-ups.

Damaged Loading Dock Leveler, Holdown fail

The Multi-Fab AR Hold-Down is a high-quality, durable hold-down which has a patented auto-release feature that gives the hold-down a longer life by automatically adjusting to the trailer movements so that excess stress on the dock leveler is alleviated.

The automatic release capability prevents the float spring from being entirely compressed by moving the hold-down ratchet bar to be in a constant relative position to the pawl. By adjusting the hold-down in this way, the pawl is disengaged, which allows the float mechanism to move freely on the ratchet bar in conjunction with the air-suspension trailer movements.

When you use a Multi-Fab AR Hold-Down, you will save money on both parts and maintenance, because it will last much longer than traditional dock leveler hold-downs and can save your dock from serious damage.


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