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5 Main Types of Loading Dock Leveler Springs

If you operate a loading dock and need to replace parts inside of your dock leveler, you are probably going to need to replace the dock leveler springs.  Springs are one of the most important components of a loading dock. They provide the necessary tension to keep the dock leveler in place and help to cushion the impact when the loading dock is in use. There are several different types of springs that can be used on a loading dock, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. What are loading dock leveler springs? A loading dock leveler spring is a tension device that keeps the loading dock leveler in the "stored" position when not in use. When the loading dock leveler...

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How much does it cost to replace a hold down on a mechanical dock leveler?

Short Answer: Around $600 for DIY or over $1000 for a leveler repair service.Of course the short answer glosses over details like the ones outlined below. What needs replacing?While most people can replace the entire hold-down you may want to just replace parts of it. Take for example replacing a very common 503 Hold-down (or Ramp Control) used on some Rite-Hite dock levelers.  They cost $613.20.   It's very common to replace the whole mechanism but some people choose to replace the guts of it. This would be the  Ratchet Bar $235.20 Pawl $100.28 Pawl Spring $11.13 This is all just for certain Rite-Hite levelers.  There are lots of different types of hold downs for different leveler brands.   Are you going...

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Auto Release Hold Downs Save You Money

  One of the reasons I am proud to distribute Multi-Fab parts is their innovations in the loading dock leveler industry.  I want to draw your attention to the Auto Release mechanisms they engineered for hold-downs.  Air-suspension trailers can cause a lot of wear and tear and damage on loading dock levelers because they move continuously while the trailer is being loaded or unloaded. The most common part of dock levelers that is damaged is the hold-downs, which are specifically designed to prevent trailer pop-ups. The Multi-Fab AR Hold-Down is a high-quality, durable hold-down which has a patented auto-release feature that gives the hold-down a longer life by automatically adjusting to the trailer movements so that excess stress on the dock leveler is alleviated. The...

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The Benefits of Having Spare Parts On Hand

  Some business owners assume that it is more cost-effective to not keep spare parts for their loading dock safety systems, dock levelers, and communications systems on hand. Many facilities – and much of this comes from the accounting department looking at the current bottom line and not at the bigger picture – may risk productivity in the interest of saving the company money in the short-term. If nothing breaks, then you are in good shape. But what if something does break, and you don’t have the spare parts on hand to fix it? What will it cost you compared to the cost of maintaining an inventory of spare parts for your loading docks? Loading docks are the hubs of...

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