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Most Common Truck Types at the Loading Dock

When designing a loading dock, it is essential to plan for the different types of trucks that may visit your facility. There is a wide variety of truck lengths, overall heights, and bed heights. During the dock design process, it is a good idea to ask your clients for a list of the trucks that the dock will service, and have them include the information listed below: The types of trucks that will be serviced at your facility. These may include: Double-Axel Semi-Trucks Flatbed Trucks Panel Trucks Container Trucks Low Boys High Cube Vans Step Vans Furniture Vans City Trucks All of the above trucks have different bed heights. For instance, the truck bed height for a double-axel semi-truck can...

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Loading Dock Approach Considerations

Loading docks can frequently involve many moving parts, and different docks can have different approaches. In addition to the level grade approach, a loading dock might have an inclined approach or a decline approach. The steeper the incline or decline, the more likely it is that a company will have loading dock issues. Different types of loading dock approaches have specific problems that must be solved by facility managers. The different dock approach dangers and solutions include:   Decline Approach Dangers The major problem with a decline approach, in which the ground slopes down toward the building, is that the top of the trailer risks striking the building. Dock bumper projection is highly recommended in such circumstances. In some cases,...

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Loading Dock Planning and Design

  When you put careful planning and design into your facility’s loading docks, you are ensuring that you can efficiently and safely handle current traffic and accommodate increased traffic as your facility grows. Below are some essential considerations for facility owners, managers, and designers: Dock LocationSmaller facilities with less-frequent deliveries and shipments may be able to use a single loading dock for both functions. However, if your facility is bustling or if shipments often arrive at the same time deliveries must go out, then you should consider the loading dock arrangement that larger facilities must implement.From a logistical standpoint, there is an optimal flow-of-traffic pattern for medium-to-large facilities handling incoming materials and outgoing products. Trucks that are being unloaded should...

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Different Types of Loading Docks

In today’s commercial workplace, facilities need to make sure that their loading dock areas are both efficient and safe. Ensuring that the loading dock is appropriately designed, and that dock equipment is adequately suited for loading and unloading can not only improve efficiency but also could prevent costly accidents and worker injuries down the road. The dock area is a vital hub of activity in many facilities, whether it is a factory, warehouse, plant, or other commercial space. Inefficient loading dock design, processes, and equipment can be very costly for the company. Proper dock design can improve essential loading dock area functions and enhance worker safety.  Some safety problems can be attributed to the initial design of the dock area....

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