How much does it cost to replace a hold down on a mechanical dock leveler?

Short Answer: Around $600 for DIY or over $1000 for a leveler repair service.

Of course the short answer glosses over details like the ones outlined below.

What needs replacing?
While most people can replace the entire hold-down you may want to just replace parts of it. Take for example replacing a very common 503 Hold-down (or Ramp Control) used on some Rite-Hite dock levelers.  They cost $613.20.  

Rite Hite 503 Hold down

It's very common to replace the whole mechanism but some people choose to replace the guts of it. This would be the

 Ratchet Bar Rite Hite 5015 Ratchet Bar $235.20
Pawl 5014 Pawl for Rite Hite 503 Holdown $100.28
Pawl Spring 52200 Pawl Spring $11.13

This is all just for certain Rite-Hite levelers.  There are lots of different types of hold downs for different leveler brands.  

Are you going to do it yourself?
This isn't rocket science BUT it can be dangerous. PLEASE follow all the safety procedures when working on your dock leveler. It doesn't take that much longer and we want you around. If you don't feel comfortable working on your own leveler, give us a ring and we will help find someone in your area to help.

Time for an upgrade?
If you are replacing the leveler please consider doing it with an auto-release style version offered for most levelers.

Contact Parts Brite for Help
Contact us and we can help you figure out how to get the correct hold down for your dock leveler. We ship to Canada, US, and Mexico. To learn more about our products call now at 1-855-PARTSBRITE (1-855-727-8727) or email us at

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