Nova Technology Holdown

If your loading dock leveler is not staying down, this presents a safety issue for your loading dock. The most likely cause for a loading dock leveler not staying down is that the holdown assembly has worn out and needs replacement. Holdown assemblies include parts like ramp controls, springs, ratchet bars, and pawls.

Parts Brite carries a comprehensive line of aftermarket holdown assembly parts for Nova loading dock levelers. We offer superb quality, durability, and technical support for every loading dock leveler holdown assembly part we sell.

To see more details on each holdown assembly part, simply click on the part number you want listed below. This will take you to the page for that part, where you can see a picture/dimensions/description of the part. You can also order the holdown assembly part from that page.

At Parts Brite, our goal is to make sure your loading dock leveler spring needs are fulfilled quickly. Having a loading dock that is out of service means that it will take longer to get raw materials in or get finished goods out of your warehouse. We specialize in quickly getting you the top-quality aftermarket loading dock leveler springs that you need. With distribution warehouses in Wisconsin and California, Parts Brite is able to speedily ship loading dock leveler throughout the United States. Call us today at 1-855-PARTSBRITE (1-855-727-8727) and let us help you get your loading dock functional again.
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