Serco 333-054 Serco 333-054 Serco 333-054 Serco 333-054 Serco 333-054 Serco 333-054 Main Spring for Mechanical Dock Leveler.  Black spring shown on grid.
Serco 333-054


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WL Main Spring

Length: 25"
Coil Diameter: 4"
Wire Size: .634"
Number of Coils: 30
Type: Extension

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This is for use with Serco dock levelers.

$304.50 USD

Springs are used to move mechanical dock levelers up and down. Because springs are temperature-sensitive, they need constant adjustment during extremely hot and extremely cold weather. This can cause wear and tear on the spring. Also, because springs are essential to the positioning of mechanical dock levelers, they tend to wear out more rapidly than other parts, and they are replaced more frequently than other dock leveler parts.

This spring is the main lifting spring for a Serco mechanical dock lifter. Since springs are used to move the dock leveler up to the desired position when they fail then the dock leveler will not move at all, and no amount of manual force can be applied to push the dock leveler up to the right position.

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