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Commercial trucks are vital to the U.S. economy. People purchase and sell goods from coast to coast and export goods from America to almost every other part of the world. A vital part of transporting goods is the housing of materials and products between destinations at ports, warehouses, and docks. 

Materials and products are moved constantly through warehouses, often by trucks and tractor-trailers. At most warehouses, unloading and loading goods between trucks and warehouse docks is a significant function, and efficiency and safety are essential to moving goods between the two. Dock levelers assist in these objectives.

If you need dock levelers and dock leveler parts, look no further than You can order directly from or call us at (855) 727-8727, and we’ll have your order shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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Stacks of Mechanical Loading Dock Levelers

Stacks of Mechanical Dock Levelers ready in the warehouse.

Stacks of Mechanical Edge of Dock (EOD) Levelers
Stacks of Mechanical Edge of Dock (EOD) Levelers ready to ship.

We are one of the top dock leveler distributors in the state. Whether you’re running a warehouse, are a technician, or work on or with docks, you can get hydraulic, mechanical, or air-powered dock levelers and parts straight from If we, for some reason, do not have what you need, we’re happy to order it for you. If you need assistance, call us at 855-PARTSBRITE or email us at

Dock Leveler Parts and Repair
for New York and Surround Areas

Basket of Red Dock Leveler Main Springs

We have a large amount of spare parts to fix your dock leveler

Parts for Dock Leveler Repair in New York

If you are repairing an existing dock leveler, we carry parts for various brands of levelers. 

At PartsBrite, we carry the following parts for your repair needs:

    If you only need to make repairs to your current dock leveler(s), we carry the following brands for parts:

    If the parts we have are not the exact parts you need, we can special order them. If you need assistance figuring out what kind of screw or part you need, our representatives are standing by to help you; or using our dock leveler spring help tool.

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    We provide shipping to the United States, Mexico, and Canada via UPS or freight. We ship from a pair of warehouses in California and Wisconsin to facilitate faster shipping to wherever you are. 

    If you are in the United States, our goal is to ship your items the same day orders are received, provided the orders are placed before noon Pacific Standard Time. Our goal is to ship all orders within 24 hours after the order is placed. If you are in Mexico or Canada, we cannot provide shipping times as shipping times are based on the varying shipping methods used by PartsBrite to ship to those locations.

    Note: UPS can no longer guarantee shipping times due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on shipping.

    What is a loading dock leveler? How is it used?

    There is constant loading and unloading of goods going on at warehouses, and the workers doing the job are often moving quickly between trucks or tractor-trailers and warehouse docks. There can be occupational risks to the workers when they have to move goods to or from a truck or tractor-trailer far from the floor of the warehouse dock. A dock leveler can significantly reduce these risks.

    Loading dock levelers act as a bridge between the warehouse dock floor and the tail of the truck or tractor-trailer. Dock levelers are made with sturdy materials to handle heavy loads and be used with forklifts.

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    Do you need to install a dock leveler at a warehouse, or are you in need of dock leveler parts for repair? PartsBrite sells various brands of dock levelers and after-market dock leveler replacement parts. You can place your order online or by calling us at (855) 727-8727. If you need assistance, we are here to assist you by email at