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Blue Giant

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Blue Giant Rewind Style Holdown Complete

Same as 788-037

This is for use with Blue Giant dock levelers.

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This complete hold-down rewind-style device is suitable for use with Blue Giant dock levelers. Once hold-down devices reach the end of their natural lifespan, or various parts begin to malfunction due to frequent wear and tear, you’ll need to consider replacing your current hold-down assembly and installing a new one. Having a functioning ramp control device is crucial for safety and efficiency reasons. If you simply need to replace certain parts of your hold-down assembly, such as a spring, we at Parts Brite are happy to guide you to the appropriate products.

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  • we need a rotor spring for a BMF4007 hold down - can we purchase just the spring ?

    Yes. The part number for the rotor spring is 113-143. It's recommended to have an expert replace the part since it could be dangerous without the proper experience.

  • Buenos dias cual es el peso de dicho repuesto?

    Es aproximadamente 39lbs (18kgs)

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Looked alright

Charlie Thompson


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