Kelley 030-114 Kelley 030-114
Kelley 030-114


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Lost Motion

Length: 2 1/2"
Coil Diameter: 1 2/3"
Wire Size: .070"
Number of Coils: 2
Type: Torsion

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This is for use with Kelley dock levelers.

Price: $6.70 USD

More Description for Kelley 030-114

Mechanical dock levelers contain springs that control the proper movement and in-use and storage positioning of the dock leveler. Because springs are highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, they need to be continually adjusted in extreme temperatures in order to work properly. This results in a great deal of wear and tear on the springs. In addition to weather factors, springs are working continually when the dock leveler is in use, so they wear out much faster than other dock leveler parts. Springs are the most-often replaced parts on mechanical dock lifters. This spring is a lost motion spring for a Kelley mechanical dock leveler.

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