McGuire 113-140 McGuire 113-140 McGuire 113-140 McGuire 113-140 McGuire 113-140
McGuire 113-140


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This is for use with McGuire dock levelers.

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Shock absorbers are used to adjust the height of a dock leveler. They are designed to prevent bounce or sway as cargo loaders, and others cross a dock leveler when they are loading a truck. If a dock leveler is experiencing bounce or sway then it is probably time to replace the shock absorbers. This shock absorber is intended for use with McGuire dock levelers. It is intended to replace old shock absorbers that have run their course, causing a dock leveler to become unstable.

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  • Is this gas shock only the one they use for McGuire Mechanical dock levelers? We have a model MP6855-16 with 35k capacity.

    For that model of dock leveler, you should use the DOTH-2582 for your lip.   I can see why you would think it was this shock because it's under McGuire and the other one is under DLM but both of those brands are made by the same manufacturer and often share parts.  Look at the DOTH-2582 and you should notice it more closely matches your current shock.

  • Could you send me the socks? appreciate your support. Raul Mendoza

    To process you're order, you can add the shocks to your cart online and follow the procedure for completing an order. You could also send your information to including the shipping address and we can send you a formal quote where you can complete your order.

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Raul Mendoza

exelene it worked very well for me

Gail Holt
I plan to call you first for future needs.

A local vendor wanted $3,000 (parts, labor & equipment) to repair this dock late. They quoted $900 just for the pair of shocks.

You guys sold me the shocks with related hardware for $290. The repair took me less than 1 hour & required no special tools or equipment.

luis sierra


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