Pentalift 802-0608


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Holdown Assembly Complete 

This part subs to PEMF2014.


 *Currently has an 8-10 week lead time.

(Posted 10/11/22)

This is for use with Pentalift dock levelers.

This part is special order.
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Intended for use with Pentalift dock levelers, this Pentalift complete hold-down assembly is an effective ramp control mechanism that prevents your dock leveler from popping up and causing cargo loaders to suffer injuries during the loading or unloading process. If your hold-down assembly has begun to age out or malfunction, it might be time to consider replacing it. Installing a new hold-down system can increase efficiency and mitigate the risks associated with operator slams. This dock leveler part can only be obtained through a special order, so contact us today to get a quote and determine availability.

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  • How to install holdown assembly complete

    We don't have step by step instructions for the installation.  Usually, people use the part breakdown from the manual and go from there. 

  • Can the straps be replaced without replacing the entire assembly?

    Sure thing.  I think you are looking for the Holdown Strap: 302-0420 and the Rewind Strap: 302-0417.

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