Serco 8-8786


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Rack Bar N/S, 29"lg

This is sometimes called a Rachet Bar.

This is for use with Serco dock levelers.

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This item is a rack (or ratchet) bar for use in hold-down devices made for Serco dock levelers. It is sold separately from our Serco hold-down kits, which you can find and purchase by searching for Product SMF5005K. The rack bar is a crucial component of a functional hold-down assembly. If your rack bar is currently broken or not working properly, but the rest of your hold-down assembly seems to be in good condition, then it may be more cost-effective to replace the rack bar piecemeal rather than replacing your entire kit. We can help you find the right ratchet bar for your dock leveler, regardless of the brand you use.

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  • CAN I USE THIS ITEM (rack bar) IN A SMF 5005?

    Yes, the #8-8786 ratchet bar is used in the SMF5005 Holdown. For the full assembly see part #SMF5005K.

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Martin Lehnhoff
Smooth transaction

It was the correct part.


Excellent atention and Support

William E. Young

Everything was great

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