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Historic Charleston, South Carolina, is famous for its winding coastline, with rivers and barrier islands winding down to the Atlantic Ocean. Now it’s a commercial hub of the central Atlantic Coast, midway between Miami to the south and Washington D.C. to the north. When ships come to port and trucks and railroads head inland, they need to transfer freight. PartsBrite helps shipping and freight companies make those transfers and keep the cargo moving.

If you have loading docks, you have dock levelers that make the trucks and warehouses the same height. When it’s time to expand your shipping center, you need new levelers for those new docks, and that means you need us. Call 1-855-PartsBrite or check our website to see our supply catalog and get an order on its way to your location.

PartsBrite Has Whatever Your Company Needs

To keep things running smoothly, you need a smooth floor that is free of bumps and gaps. Even a small space can catch dolly wheels and slow your loading process down by a few seconds with each trip. Those seconds add up to hours each day. Bumps and bangs damage the dollies and pallet jacks, and over time, that means repair or replacement of the equipment, and that costs more money.

You can prevent some of those costs by investing in dock levelers. A dock leveler evens out the gap and makes a smooth surface between the dock floor and the truck bed. That reduces the time spent hauling loads across the gap and prevents the jack, dolly, or hand truck from getting caught in the space. PartsBrite has levelers for every size and volume of freight operation.

  • Hydraulic levelers are the industry standard, reliable and long-lasting. An expensive initial setup is repaid by low maintenance.
  • Mechanical levelers are low-cost but need regular maintenance on the gears and ratchet. These are good for operations with regular maintenance staff and downtime.
  • Pneumatic levelers are good for backups and expansion docks. Since they come in edge-of-dock size only, they’re useful in part-time operations.

The leveling system is a one-time installation, so once it’s in, your biggest cost is upkeep. PartsBrite keeps a full stock of repair and replacement parts for all popular makes and models of dock levelers. Call our customer service department at 1-855-PartsBrite and order whatever part number you need. Or visit our website 24/7 for the part you’re looking for.

If you have a custom or specialty part that’s not on the list, there’s no need to worry. Our customer service specialists will help you find it and get it ordered for you.

PartsBrite features a Dock Leveler Spring Finder to help you find the essential central spring that activates every leveler. Enter the size and manufacturer, and the part number will pop up so you can order it immediately. We keep nearly every model in stock, and they ship within 24 hours of your order. Specialty and custom models can be ordered on request.

The hold down is a little ratchet on the edge of your leveler, holding it in place. It’s also the part most likely to break. If you want to fix the old one or get a new one, we have everything in stock to get your dock back in position in no time.

A Little About Us

PartsBrite provides all your aftermarket service parts and maintenance needs. Right now, we don’t provide maintenance or installation crews. Your own team lets us know the parts they need, and we ship directly to them. If you don’t have anyone to install the dock leveler or other parts, we will help you find someone we can count on to install our parts and keep your equipment in the best condition.

Our warehouse is located in Los Angeles, but we ship to all 50 states and around the world. Once your order is received, whether through our website or from our helpful customer service representatives, it will be out of our warehouse within 24 hours and on your dock in five days or less. If you make a special order, the customer service rep will let you know how long it will take to get there.

If you’re ready to place your order, our customer service agents are available at  1-855-PartsBrite from 6AM to 4PM Pacific time. After hours or if you don’t want to wait, take a look at our website catalog and order form. No matter what you need, PartsBrite has it for you.