Chicago Loading Dock Parts & Repair

The Port of Chicago may not be a port that the average person thinks of, but PartsBrite does! It is a port with a huge volume of traffic and a rich history of shipping and cargo handling. The nexus of freight lines for the Midwest flow in and out of the Windy City, making it one of the most heavily traveled port cities in America. 

Recent supply-chain disruptions have put a burden on freight handlers to keep things moving, so the last thing you need is anything that slows the loading and unloading at the docks. If your dock levelers break down or move too slowly, you could be looking at hours or days off-line while you hunt for new parts or a new leveler. PartsBrite can get you those parts right away and keep you moving. Call us at 1-855-PartsBrite for parts or services. 

Dock Levelers, Services, and Parts 

Warehouses and loading docks must be of a fixed height, with solid floors and foundations. Although cargo trucks are required to be of a standard height, equal to the height of the dock, there is no way trucks will always be the same height all the time. There’s no way to push a truck trailer seamlessly against the loading dock. To even out the gap, there are dock levelers. 

Hydraulic levelers are the best option for high-traffic operations where maintenance time is less available. The initial cost of a hydraulic system is high, but these systems have been used for decades and have stood the test of time for reliability and durability. 

Slightly cheaper mechanical levelers require more daily maintenance, so they are less practical for high-traffic situations. Mechanical levelers have the advantage of being “drop-in” systems that can be placed after a dock is already built. Air-powered levelers, which sit beneath pads at the edge of the dock, are useful for companies that have the occasional need for leveling, as they are prone to leaks along the edge of the inflation device. 

Dock levelers need repair more often than replacement, and [firm-name] keeps a full range of parts for all popular brands of levelers. We can provide parts for NordockDLMRite-HiteKelleySercoMcGuirePioneerPentalift, PowerampBlue Giant,  and Nova. We will find parts for off-brand and custom levelers as well if you give us the brand and part number. 

Our unique  Dock Leveler Spring Finder can help you locate even the most obscure or unusual spring for your leveler. The spring, which is responsible for holding the leveler in place, is the most frequent cause of leveler failure and the easiest part to replace. Simply look up the model and tension and place your order, and your spring will be on its way. 

If your dock is still moving out of line, you could need a new holdown. This small ratchet at the edge of the leveler keeps pressure on the leveler to hold it in place. The best option for the holdown is to replace the entire unit since the parts are small, and replacement means disassembling the whole thing. If you prefer to replace the parts, we provide both the parts and a range of holdowns for both repair and replacement of the holdown. 

A Little About Us 

PartsBrite provides shipping companies and freight loaders with aftermarket loading dock maintenance parts and services. We ship parts to your maintenance team so they can keep your dock in top condition. If you don’t have an in-house crew, we will gladly refer you to someone in your area you can trust to keep your equipment in top condition.

We ship from our location in Los Angeles to all parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For our Chicago customers, your order will arrive within 96 hours of your call to our warehouse or your click on the website link. Custom orders may take a little longer, but whatever you need will reach you as quickly as we can send it.

We know that your loading dock is the link between the goods you ship and the rest of the world. We want to help keep your cargo moving. Whether you need dock levelers, parts, or other loading dock maintenance parts or equipment, PartsBrite gets it to you.

Contact us today to place an order or to request an estimate on your dock equipment. Our customer service staff is waiting to assist you. PartsBrite is open at 1-855-PartsBrite from 6AM to 4PM Pacific time, or you can reach us on our website.