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Cleveland Dock Parts and Repair Experts

Perched on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the busy port of Cleveland gets shipping traffic from Detroit, Buffalo, and across the border in Canada. We take goods off those Great Lakes ships and transfer them onto rail lines and trucks heading south to the heart of America. For everyone who takes part in that transfer of cargo, PartsBrite makes the loading dock parts you need to keep things running.

Level docks make cargo transfer faster and reduce wear and tear on your loading equipment. Most of that wear takes place at the edges of the docks, where the truck beds bump against the warehouse floor. You need levelers to even the space between the dock and the trailer, and that’s what PartsBrite has for you. Call us at 1-855-PartsBrite, and our sales team can take your order for whatever parts you need. Late-night emergencies or different time zones are not a problem. Our website has a complete catalog that’s available 24/7.

Dock Levelers for Every Need

High-volume shipping companies need to reduce the time spent loading and unloading cargo whenever they can. One solution is ensuring the loading docks and truck bed are the same height. This way, your pallet jacks and dollies move from place to place without stopping to be muscled across gaps or bumps. Even flooring also reduces damage to loading equipment and the freight being offloaded.

Dock levelers are designed to raise or lower the edge of the dock and match it with the trailer floor. PartsBrite has several alternatives for your dock, depending on the volume of traffic you see in your operation. We can give you a selection of full-pit and edge-of-dock sizes for all brands of popular levelers.

  • Hydraulic levelers have a high initial cost but are low-maintenance thereafter. They are ideal for high-volume companies with little downtime.
  • Mechanical levelers work on a gear and ratchet system. They need a lot of maintenance but are cheap and easy to install. They’re good for low-volume companies or those with regular maintenance schedules.
  • Pneumatic levelers won’t take a lot of abuse, but they are good for backups and companies that don’t do a lot of shipping. Pneumatic levelers come in edge-of-dock only.

If you already have a hydraulic or mechanical system, you will probably never need to replace it unless your building undergoes a massive remodel. You will need parts for maintenance and repair. At PartsBrite, we keep a full catalog of parts for all the most popular brands on hand. You can call our service department or check your parts number in our online catalog. The piece you need will be shipped within 24 hours.

If you don’t see the piece you need, no need to worry. We will be glad to order any custom part and have it sent to you.

One critical part of any leveler is the spring. PartsBrite has a unique Dock Leveler Spring Finder that lets you enter your spring size and manufacturer to find the part you need and order instantly. Since the leveler is useless without the spring, we made this the easiest part to replace. Custom and special orders are also available.

The hold down is a little ratchet that keeps your leveler in place. When the leveler isn’t staying in position, it probably means the hold down needs to be replaced or repaired. We keep a full line of popular hold downs in stock and all the parts necessary to fix the one you already have.

A Little About Us

PartsBrite is an aftermarket service and maintenance part provider. We do not send you installers or maintenance crews. Your maintenance supervisor orders the parts needed, and we ship directly to your team. If you don’t have in-house maintenance, PartsBrite will help you find a service team in your area who can install and maintain your docks and equipment.

PartsBrite is based in Los Angeles, CA, and our shipments come from the West Coast. Once you send us your order, it will be on its way within 24 hours and should arrive at your location within four days. Custom or special requests may require more time. When you place a special order, the customer service team will tell you how long it will take to fill that order.

If you are a shipping or freight company in the Cleveland area and need dock levelers or equipment, call the customer service staff of PartsBrite at 1-855-PartsBrite from 6AM to 4PM Pacific time. They will take your order, answer your questions, and give you an estimated shipping date. If you need something after hours, take a look at our website catalog and order form. We can’t wait to hear from you.