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As a key logistical hub for much of the United States, Dallas - Fort Worth is a center of commerce and America’s fourth-largest metropolitan area. DFW handles a significant amount of cargo each year by air, rail, and truck. Suppliers in this area need to be able to handle shipping demand and do so efficiently. Those who deliver products, keep warehouses running, and keep our nation’s shipping infrastructure running smoothly need dependable parts suppliers. As a leading dock leveler parts distributor in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, PartsBrite is dedicated to ensuring that your shipping operation runs smoothly.

If you are a warehouse manager, a technician for a distributor, or other dock industry professional, PartsBrite seeks to be your parts supplier with our wide selection and world-class service. Things move quickly in Dallas, and we are here to support you and your operations.

PartsBrite strives to be the leading provider of dock leveler parts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, carrying a wide range of aftermarket dock leveler parts. Our selections include a wide variety of dock seals and shelters, conversion kits, Weatherguard products, and more. While we do not offer installation services, our customer service team will help to refer you to a local installer if needed.

At PartsBrite, we offer both full levelers and individual aftermarket parts for your existing leveler. We carry a wide variety of brands to suit your needs, including Pioneer, Poweramp, Blue Giant, DLM, Rite-Hite, Kelley, McGuire, Nordock, Nova, Pentalift, Serco. Of particular concern for docking personnel are springs and safety devices. We are proud to offer a Dock Leveler Spring Finder to ensure that you get the correct leveler springs for your operation.

At PartsBrite, we aim to provide fast, effective customer service. Our goal is to ship your order within 24 hours from our California or Wisconsin warehouses, and most orders should arrive in the DFW area after three days of transit.

Our Products

PartsBrite is proud to offer a wide array of aftermarket loading dock leveler parts. Our product ranges include:

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that not everyone is an expert on the products we carry. We’ve answered some common questions for you here to give you some additional information.

What is a dock leveler?

Because docks are built at a set height, and trailers come in different heights, there needs to be a mechanism to safely and efficiently unload and load cargo. Dock levelers adjust height and angle to ensure that the difference between the tractor-trailer bed and dock is bridged. Dock levelers can be hydraulic, air-powered, or mechanical.

What is a vehicle restraint, and how do I choose one?

Vehicle restraints are devices that ensure that the truck does not move while docked. Movement during the loading and unloading of cargo can be dangerous, so a large metal hook and chain that is secured to the base of the dock from the frame of the truck helps to keep the truck steady. As vehicle restraints are primarily a safety device, you will want to choose a restraint that has the best ratings for strength, durability, and reliability.

What is a dock seal or shelter, and how do I choose one?

Dock seals and shelters are designed to ensure there are no gaps between the dock and the truck bed. This is especially important for climate control purposes and has the effect of insulating dock workers from outside weather conditions. Dock seals are pads that the truck backs into, allowing for a clean seal between the dock and the truck. Dock shelters are curtains that sit flush with the truck and don’t create as tight a seal as dock seals do.

Choosing a seal or shelter means trading off between maneuverability and seal strength. Dock seals provide a far stronger seal, allowing for temperature control, while shelters provide more room to maneuver for dock personnel and the truck itself.

About PartsBrite

Here at PartsBrite, we specialize in providing aftermarket loading dock parts to professionals in the shipping industry. If your firm has personnel that maintain loading docks, PartsBrite has the parts necessary to ensure that the docks continue running safely and efficiently.

At PartsBrite, we do not have our own authorized installers, so customers will need to find an authorized installer with the proper training and the necessary certifications to do the job. If you need a referral, our team is happy to connect you to qualified installation professionals in the DFW region. Call us today at 1-855-PartsBrite or email us at info@partsbrite.com.