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As the heart of America, Kansas City is an important junction for shipping across the United States, whether it be by plane, train, or semi-truck. As a key distribution and shipping center, Kansas City needs suppliers to be operating with efficiency 24/7. The people who move products, maintain warehouses, and keep our shipping infrastructure afloat need dependable parts suppliers to keep operations going. At PartsBrite, we are committed to keeping the shipping industry running as a top loading dock leveler parts distributor in the greater Kansas City area.

Our clients are diverse, including warehouse managers, commercial dock industry professionals, and in-house technicians for shipping companies and other distributors. Kansas City is an important point for goods moving across the United States, and PartsBrite is proud to support shipping firms and workers in both Kansas and Missouri.  

As a leading provider of dock leveler parts in Kansas City, we carry a wide variety of parts for your dock leveler needs. Our selections include air-powered, hydraulic, and mechanical levelers, as well as full-sized pit levelers and Edge of Dock (EOD) levelers. 

At PartsBrite, we don’t just sell full levelers but also individual parts for existing levelers. We provide parts for most leveler brands, including Blue Giant, DLM, Rite-Hite, Kelley, McGuire, Nordock, Nova, Pentalift, Pioneer, Poweramp, and Serco. Of particular concern are broken springs. PartsBrite features a Dock Leveler Spring Finder to ensure that you get the correct dock leveler springs.

Once you place your order with PartsBrite, our team jumps into action, shipping your order within 24 hours. Most orders in the Kansas City area should be expected to arrive within four days from our California or Wisconsin warehouses via UPS or Freight.

Products We Carry

As the leading supplier of aftermarket loading dock leveler parts, we aim to provide a comprehensive stock. Our products include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have questions about our products and services. We’ve answered some of the ones we hear most often for you to get you started.

What is a vehicle restraint, and how do I choose one?

A vehicle restraint is a device to prevent the moving of the truck when loading or unloading freight. This is typically a large metal hook and chain secured to the base of the dock. The hook and chain can be attached either to the frame of the truck or the bumper. Vehicle restraints tend to be versatile between trucks, so you will need to ensure that the restraint you purchase is highly durable, strong, and reliable.

What is a dock seal or shelter, and how do I choose one?

Dock seals and shelters are placed around the loading dock to ensure that there will be no gaps between the truck and the loading dock when loading and unloading. This is particularly important when you need to have constant temperature. Seals and shelters typically have a tradeoff between maneuverability and sealing power. Seals for temperature control require precise placement, while shelters allow for more maneuverability for the truck.  

What is a standard loading dock size?

There is currently no set standard for a dock door. 8 ft. x 9 ft. is common, and most doors are between 8 and 10 feet high. Width can vary between 7’6” and 10 feet. The requirements of the trucks you will be working with will dictate the necessary size in most cases.

About PartsBrite

As an authorized distributor of Multi-Fab and TriLite products parts, PartsBrite has specialized in providing aftermarket loading dock parts directly to personnel in the shipping industry. If your firm has professional staff that maintain loading docks, PartsBrite would be honored to supply them with the necessary loading dock parts.

PartsBrite does not provide authorized installers, so as a customer, you will need to make sure anyone repairing or installing new loading dock parts has the proper training and has the necessary certification to perform the work. PartsBrite is happy to provide referrals for authorized installation personnel in your area.

Our sales office is in Southern California, but PartsBrite is happy to service loading dock personnel anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Feel free to reach out to us on our website,  at info@partsbrite.com, or at 1-855-PartsBrite if you have any questions.