Norfolk Loading Dock Parts and Repair

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Norfolk is a busy port city. It handles everything from fishing boats to Panamax cargo vessels, Navy ships, and cruise ships. The rail lines and airports in nearby Richmond and Washington, D.C. add their share of freight to the busy traffic going in and out.

If you are a freight-handling company, this volume of freight means that all your equipment needs to be in peak condition. Parts Brite wants to help keep your loading docks open and the trucks moving from your warehouses. Call us at 1-855-PartsBrite to place an order or ask about our services.

Dock Levelers and Maintenance

Warehouse floors and loading docks were built to one height, probably based on local building codes and topography. The semis and commercial trucks that pull into your docks will have cargo beds around the same height, but not exactly. To make things even, avoid damaging your loading equipment, and to make the loading process run smoother and faster, you should use a dock leveler.

A dock leveler, sometimes called a “dock plate” or “dock board,” fills the gap between the dock and the truck bed. This lets forklifts or pallet jacks move from the dock to the truck without dropping into the bed and prevents damage to the dock and the cargo. Because the cargo handler doesn’t need to lift the jack back up over the lip of the dock, speed of loading is also improved.

There are several types of dock levelers to choose from, depending on the volume of traffic to be handled and how much you want to spend. 

  • Hydraulic levelers are the ideal option for high-traffic, low-maintenance freight operations where you need maximum durability and maximum power.
  •  Mechanical levelers are the least expensive but tend to require more maintenance.
  •  Air-powered lifts use air pressure to inflate and deflate a bag to raise and lower the leveler. It has the same issues as any air-powered device, such as leaks and a tendency to pop.

Once you have a reliable leveler, you most likely won’t need to replace it, as long as it is maintained regularly. We keep a full stock of replacement parts for all popular brands of dock levelers, such as  Rite-Hite, Kelley, Pioneer, Pentalift, Nordock, Poweramp, Serco, Blue Giant, DLM, McGuire, and Nova. We can also special-order parts for other lifts when needed if you have one that’s not on our list.

Spring failure is one of the most common dock maintenance needs. Our Dock Leveler Spring Finder is a handy way to find the precise spring for your dock. Whatever the size and diameter of the spring that snapped in your leveler, our spring finder can track down a replacement and send it on your way in no ime.

Whether you use a mechanical leveler, a hydraulic leveler, or an air-powered lift, they all have a tendency to rise against the pressure of the level. To prevent this, you need to use a holdown. If your dock leveler is still moving, your holdown probably needs to be repaired or replaced.

We have both the replacement parts for most popular brands of holdown and the holdowns themselves. It can cost about the same to repair a holdown as to purchase a new one, depending on the brand, since the parts are expensive and difficult to replace. Whichever you decide, Parts Brite has everything you need to support your decision.

A Little About Us

Parts Brite sells dock leveler parts and maintenance equipment directly to warehouse managers and other end users. We don’t install or maintain levelers, but if our customers have their own team, we ship directly to them. If customers need referrals to installers in their area, we will gladly supply references for reliable companies that can install and maintain their equipment.

We ship from our location in Los Angeles to all parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For our Norfolk customers, we can have your order shipped within 24 hours and on your dock within five days of receipt of your order.

We have a complete catalog of loading dock supplies and equipment. Whether you need lighting equipment, wheel chocks and restraints, door bollards, or other safety equipment, we have you covered. Take a look at our site and see what’s available for your loading dock equipment requirements.

Contact us today to place an order or to request an estimate on your dock equipment. Our customer service staff is waiting to assist you. Parts Brite is open at 1-855-PartsBrite from 6am to 4pm Pacific time, or you can reach us on our website. We look forward to doing business with you.