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The Port of Oakland is one of the largest ports in the country. It includes the seaport, the Oakland Airport, and a network of highways and rail lines that wind down to San Francisco Bay. Oakland handles most of the container cargo that steams across the Pacific and then heads across the country bound for locations in America’s heartland.

Oakland’s position on California’s coast makes it a critical part of the West Coast supply chain. Container ships and container trucks are just a portion of the cargo handling that goes on in this bustling port city. Additional shipping goes on in smaller warehouses and trucks, and all those shippers need loading docks that can handle cargo transfer all day long without a bump or hitch.

PartsBrite has a complete selection of levelers and parts for the busy shipping company. We know you need to fix problems the moment they happen. You don’t have time to drag pallet jacks across a gap between the dock and the truck; you need a leveler in there now. Call our sales team at 1-855-PartsBrite  to order the parts you need today.

Dock Levelers and Maintenance Parts

Dock levelers improve efficiency by making the warehouse floor and truck bed an equal height. This lets your loaders move quickly from dock to truck and back without the jack or forklift getting caught in the gap every time. Speed is critical in efficient cargo loading.

There are different types of dock levelers, depending on the volume of traffic in your organization and the amount of time available for maintenance.

High-volume, time-strapped companies prefer hydraulic levelers, which are expensive to install but easy and inexpensive to maintain once they’re placed and ready to go. Lower volume companies may prefer mechanical levelers. Operating on a system of gears and levers, these systems are easy to install but require regular maintenance.

For occasional work or docks that see only part-time traffic, pneumatic levelers can handle the job. These levelers work via air pressure. They won’t take a lot of use, but they’re good for occasional or backup use.

Once your preferred system is in place, it should not need more than regular upkeep. PartsBrite keeps a full catalog of replacement parts for all popular brands of levelers as well as complete systems at our warehouse. Whether you call our service specialists or place an order online, the parts you need will be available and shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

Even if your system is custom-designed or uses off-brand parts, you will be able to use PartsBrite to replace needed components. We’ll special order anything you need and get it delivered to your location as soon as possible. Just give us the part name and number, and we’ll find it and have it delivered right away.

Springs and Hold Downs

The most important part of any dock leveler is the main spring. It’s also the part most likely to fail just when you need it to work. To help with that problem, we created our Dock Leveler Spring Finder. This is an online part finder and order form which lets you find the part by size, number, and manufacturer at any time and place your order immediately. If you need to make a custom order, you can fill out the part number and let our service team do the ordering for you.

If you need a hold down, we have you covered there too. This multi-part ratchet holds the leveler even with the dock. If the leveler is rising out of trim, it’s probably because your hold down has failed. You can either replace the entire hold down or replace individual parts. We have a complete catalog of hold downs and parts to choose from.

About Us

PartsBrite is a service and maintenance parts provider based in Los Angeles. If you’re located in the Oakland area, give us a call at 1-855-PartsBrite. Our customer service staff will take your orders, answer your questions, and help you with any other maintenance or service issues you may have.

Our business hours are 6AM to 4PM Pacific time. If you need to make an order after hours or just want to browse, check our website catalog. Our catalog is available online 24/7. Your order will ship within 24 hours of receipt, and we can get it to our Oakland customers another 24 hours after that. Give us a call for all your leveler and loading dock needs.