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Philadelphia is located halfway between New York and Baltimore on the busy Delaware River. It’s been the site of the most important episodes in this country’s history. From the Declaration of Independence to the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles, our city has been home to some of the best our nation has to offer.

Philly’s location between major cities and its site on the river means it’s an important shipping port for the entire East Coast. Trucks, trains, and ships enter and leave Philadelphia every day, and the cargo they carry heads out of the city north, south, and west, bound for the interior of America. If you’re part of this critical supply chain, you need loading docks that can handle that volume.

Cargo handlers need smooth cargo transfer in and out of their warehouses. The best way to achieve that is to minimize the effort it takes to move pallets from the warehouse floor to the trucks and back again. Any bump or gap between them means wear and tear on your pallet jacks and forklifts. The answer is dock levelers. That’s where we come in.

PartsBrite specializes in dock levelers for every floor and dock need. We’ve got a complete catalog of levelers and parts so you can fix any problem the moment it happens. No matter where you are or when the need arises, you can depend on PartsBrite to have what you want when you want it. Call us at 1-855-PartsBrite to speak with a member of our sales team and get your order started.

Dock Levelers for Every Need

A dock leveler is meant to bring the edge of the dock in line with the truck bed. The volume of traffic in your warehouse will dictate the type of leveler you need on your dock. We have full-pit and edge-of-dock levelers for all popular brands.

Hydraulic levelers are expensive to install but relatively cheap to maintain once they’re placed. Mechanical levelers need constant maintenance but are quick to install and easy to work on. Both systems will tolerate a lot of use in a busy workplace. Pneumatic levelers that inflate and deflate as needed are best suited for occasional use or as backups to your primary system.

Once a hydraulic or mechanical system is in place, it will probably never need to be replaced. The systems are designed for continual use. You’ll only need to replace parts as they wear out. PartsBrite has a full catalog of parts and replacements for all popular brands in our warehouse. Call our service department, or place an order with the online catalog, and your replacement parts will be on the way within 24 hours.

If you have a custom or off-brand leveler, no problem. We can special order any part you need and have it delivered. It may take an extra day or two, but we will find the part you need and have it shipped as soon as possible. 

Springs and Hold Downs

To make life easier on your maintenance supervisor, PartsBrite has created our Dock Leveler Spring Finder. This online order form lets you enter the spring size and manufacturer and place your order immediately. Because the spring is the part most likely to fail, we created this Spring Finder so you could order it quickly and easily. It also lets us get your custom and special orders faster.

If the leveler is working but won’t stay in trim, you may need a hold down. This is a three-part ratchet that holds the leveler firm to the side of the dock. The parts of the hold down can be replaced individually, or you may decide to replace the entire device. PartsBrite has a complete catalog of both parts and hold downs for you to choose from.

A Little About Us

PartsBrite is a service and maintenance parts provider. Your maintenance supervisor orders the parts needed by your crews, and we ship directly to you. We do not have our own installers. However, if you don’t have an in-house maintenance crew, PartsBrite will be happy to help you find a service company in your area to install and maintain your equipment.

For our customers in the Philadelphia area, call our customer service staff at 1-855-PartsBrite to place an order or find out more about our parts and services. Our business hours are 6AM to 4PM Pacific time (9AM to 7PM Eastern). They’ll be glad to take your order, answer any questions, and give you an estimated shipping date for your products. If you need something after hours or just want to browse, check our website catalog 24/7. You can place orders from the catalog any time of the day or night.