Tacoma Loading Dock Parts & Repair

The other half of the Northwest Seaport Alliance, Tacoma Port handles shipping and cargo from everywhere in the Pacific to everywhere in America. That means a lot of shipping and a lot of trucks at the loading docks of cargo companies throughout the city. 

Not all those docks and trucks are the same size, but uneven trucks and docks mean slower loading times, and that can slow down your load times. The solution is dock levelers. When you need new levelers or parts for one you already have, PartsBrite has what you need to keep your dock active and operational. Call us at 1-855-PartsBrite for parts and maintenance services. 

Dock Levelers, Parts, and Supplies 

The height of the warehouse floor is fixed based on local requirements and the foundation of the building. The loading dock may be slightly different, but it too must be solid. The average semi or cargo truck is of a standard height, but no vehicle can be the same height every time. And there’s no way to butt up a truck flush against the loading dock. To keep loading jacks and forklifts from dropping into the gap, you need dock levelers. 

For high-traffic freight operations, where time is at a premium and durability is a must, hydraulic levelers are the time-tested option. These sturdy and durable levelers can be used for extended periods without the need for constant maintenance. The downside is the initial cost of a hydraulic system. 

Mechanical levelers are the least expensive, but their geared systems require lubrication and regular maintenance that is less practical for heavy-traffic operations. Small or start-up businesses find these levelers ideal. PartsBrite has both systems in full-pit and edge-of-dock sizes. 

For occasional use, air-powered levelers are available. These inflatable lifts sit beneath a pad at the edge of the dock and can be raised via air pressure to the height of the truck bed. They can be useful for companies with periodic deliveries, but they suffer from the leaks and pressure failures of any air-powered system. 

PartsBrite knows that once a leveler system is in place, it seldom needs replacement. You are more likely to need repair. We keep a full supply of parts for all popular brands, including SercoBlue GiantRite-HiteKelley, PioneerPentaliftNordockPowerampDLMMcGuire, and Nova. If you have a custom model, we can special order any part from our extensive catalog. 

The hard-working spring is the most common cause of leveler breakdown. With our  Dock Leveler Spring Finder, you can find the spring you need no matter what size and brand your leveler requires. Our warehouses stock nearly every model and size necessary to ship your order immediately. Specialty brands can be custom ordered on request. 

The holdown is a ratchet at the edge of the leveler that keeps it in place. If you notice your leveler is no longer staying in position, you probably need a new holdown. We have a full range of repair parts and holdowns. The ratchet parts are small and difficult to replace, and the best option is to replace the entire thing if it fails. 

We also carry a wide range of safety equipment for your docks and doors. You should not spend all your money on good levelers if the trucks can’t see the dock and back into your warehouse. You can find safety bollards, corner guards and rails, overhead door guards, and other protective devices to place a protective barrier between the trucks and your loading docks. 

A Little About Us 

Once your loading dock is built and ready to go, PartsBrite provides the aftermarket loading dock service and maintenance parts you need. If you already have a maintenance team, we will ship parts to them so they can maintain your dock and levelers. If you don’t have a maintenance team in-house, we can refer you to a service team in your area. 

We ship from our warehouses to all locations in North America. For our Tacoma and other Washington customers, your order will be on your dock within 72 hours. 

Whether you need dock levelers, parts, or other loading dock maintenance parts or equipment, PartsBrite can provide it for you. Our goal is to keep your freight moving no matter what you need. 

Contact us today to place an order or to request an estimate on your dock equipment. Our customer service staff is waiting to assist you. PartsBrite is open at 1-855-PartsBrite from 6AM to 4PM Pacific time, or you can reach us on our website.