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In an increasingly crowded online and offline marketplace, it can be difficult for customers to choose a reputable company to do business with, since that shopping space is inhabited by the good, the bad, and the ugly, with very little ostensibly to differentiate one from another.

Becoming a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an essential step that businesses who are reputable to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Not only does being a BBB member give a company greater visibility online, but it also inherently shows customers that a business is operating transparently and is willing to put their reputation on the line in a public venue.

BBB membership also gives a business instant recognition, since you can post the BBB logo and accreditation badge on your website and use on all your other business assets, including business cards. The BBB logo is recognizable around the world.

Unlike online review sites like Yelp where customers boost or kill a business’s reputation with their reviews, the BBB is a non-profit, impartial accreditation body that thoroughly investigates businesses and their practices before granting them membership. Therefore, being a member of the BBB is an impartial affirmation that the company is legitimate and is dedicated to honesty, quality, and superior customer service.

Becoming a member of the BBB also gives businesses an extensive network of other companies inside and outside of their industries, which can lead to partnerships, cooperative ventures, or joint ventures that will benefit their customers and clients.

Membership in the BBB also gives businesses access to resources – newsletters, webinars, workshops, and more - that can help them improve their operations and ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive.

For a business to become a member of the BBB, here is a list of criteria it must meet:

  • Have a positive industry track record
  • Have evidence of a stellar standard for selling and advertising their goods and services
  • Have an honest representation of their products and services
  • Have an open book on their business, its location, its ownership, and policies and guarantees
  • Have proof that they adhere to verbal and written customer agreements
  • Have addressed all issues and complaints fast, reasonably, and professionally
  • Have protected customer data
  • Have a reputation for handling every aspect of their business with integrity

This is what customers, first and foremost, are buying from a business before they ever spend anything on the business’s goods or services. Becoming a BBB member lets a business tell their customers that they meet the BBB’s standards at the outset of any other transaction, which in turn, gives customers more trust in pursuing a relationship with that business.

Membership in the BBB is mutually beneficial for both businesses and customers, because it holds everyone accountable for meeting the standards that the BBB logo and badge stand for, and it establishes a secure environment in which lasting customer and business relationships can be, and are, formed.


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