The Value of American-Made Products

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The value of American-made products is the combination of several factors that ultimately benefits all of us living in the United States, including customers who are buying American-made loading dock parts.

Over the last twenty years, many sectors of the American economy, including manufacturing, have moved much or all of their operations out of the United States to countries where both labor and materials are plentiful and cheap.

The reasons given (the real reasons are the financial benefits for shareholders and executives) to justify this shift of jobs and operations including the ability to buy goods manufactured out of the country more inexpensively in American and a burgeoning emergence of new, higher-paying jobs based in technology for the American workforce.

The abundance of technology-based jobs to replace the jobs that left the United States has never materialized (if anything, technology tends to take jobs out of the economy, not add them), resulting in chronically-high unemployment and underemployment.

Additionally, the average spans of careers among older workers have gotten longer instead of shorter. Even without the Great Recession of 2008, the largest segment of the workforce in the United States – the oldest Baby Boomers – are either economically forced to or are choosing not to retire even though they are eligible for retirement, leaving a glut of workers and a shortage of jobs.

While products manufactured outside America may cost less at retail– and, even that is not always the case with high-dollar items that have to be container-shipped – the other costs associated with these products does not offset their lower prices.

One value, then, of American-made products is greater employment for Americans. Not only do product manufacturers have more jobs to offer, but the companies that support their operations – companies that supply the parts for their products, freight companies, equipment companies, etc. – also have more jobs available. When employment is high, the American economy is more robust, which results in considerable financial stability and security.

Another value of American-made products is quality. Not only are stringent quality standards applied in the manufacturing process, but they are also applied to the engineering and design processes to ensure that the best possible products are available to customers.

The third value of American-made products is that American manufacturers operate under strict Environment Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, which are in place to ensure the lowest possible negative impact on the environment.

Another value of American-made products is the United States’ commitment to fair labor standards in manufacturing environments. In many other countries, manufacturing facilities are little more than sweatshops, where wages are often low, hours are very long, and just about anyone old enough to walk can be forced to go to work.

The fifth value of American-made products is the commitment to worker safety in manufacturing facilities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal government agency that ensures that all workers have a safe and healthy environment in which to work. American facilities that do not comply with OSHA standards are fined for non-compliance. If a manufacturing facility is habitually in non-compliance with OSHA standards, it will be shut down.

Another value of American-made products is the capital investment in the United States. This benefits the American economy as a whole and helps to reduce the country’s deficit.

The seventh value of American-made products is when products are manufactured in America using American parts, manufacturers are not caught in global trade wars that can stop or slow the supply of parts they need to make their products. Additionally, customers in America don’t have to deal with product unavailability or shortages because of international trade disputes.

A final value of American-made products is that they prevent lost opportunities and keep potential avenues of business open in the United States. New inventions, new techniques, and new materials find their way into American manufacturing and, in turn, grow those businesses and create new jobs, further stimulating the American economy. Once a manufacturer moves its operations to another country, it is highly unlikely those products will ever be manufactured in the United States again.

The value of American-made products cannot be overstated. When products are manufactured in the United States, they create a positive ripple effect through the American economy and bring many benefits to each of us as American citizens. That’s win-win for all of us.


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