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San Francisco is one of the jewels of the West Coast, and its busy ports help keep the city one of the key hubs of Pacific Rim commerce. The Port of San Francisco is one of the 
four busiest ports in the country, and Number 20 in annual container traffic. With Oakland across the Bay and Los Angeles to the south, San Francisco is the base for materials coming across the Pacific headed for America’s heartland. 

All that cargo needs to be shipped, and shipping companies need pallets to move from warehouses to trucks as efficiently as possible. Loaders don’t want to waste time pulling pallet jacks out of the gap between the dock and the truck bed a dozen times an hour. It is also expensive to have to keep repairing the dock edge from all the times the trucker slams the trailer against the dock trying to butt up against the edge.

PartsBrite has the solution: a full selection of dock levelers and parts. A shipping company needs to fix their leveler right away, not in a month or two. We keep a full inventory of popular brands in stock so that when you place an order, the part you need is in stock and ready for shipping. Give our sales team a call at 1-855-PartsBrite to place your order.

Levelers and Parts

Warehouse floors and truck beds are all approximately 48 inches high, since that’s the industry standard. Of course, no truck bed will ever be exactly the same height as any dock floor. Additionally, the truck cannot merge precisely with the warehouse floor. There will always be a space between the edge of the truck bed and the dock.

A dock leveler improves your loading speed and protects the edge of the dock by making the truck bed and dock the same height and removing the gap between the two. Loaders can move cargo quickly across the gap without having to muscle over the space.

There are several common types of levelers. At PartsBrite, we keep a complete stock of all the most popular brands, including:

If you are installing your system for the first time, we have both full-pit and edge-of-dock levelers available in hydraulic and mechanical systems. We can provide your maintenance and installation crew with the entire system so that it can be assembled on site. If you already have your preferred system and it needs regular maintenance, we have a complete catalog of replacement parts for those systems, as well as pneumatic levelers.

If you have a custom-designed or off-brand system, we’ll be happy to special order any part you need. Give us the part name and number, and we will find what you’re looking for and get it delivered to you as soon as possible.

Springs and Hold Downs

The key part of a dock leveler is the spring. The main spring is the piece that does the most work, so if any part is going to fail, it will be that part, and probably at the worst possible time. To fix that, we developed our Dock Leveler Spring Finder. This lets you quickly find the spring you need by size, number, and manufacturer, and place your order online any time you need it. A separate form lets you custom order hard-to-find parts so our service team can get them for you.

When your leveler is working but the hold down isn’t doing its job, we can help you there, too. This multi-part ratchet is designed to lock the leveler in place even with the dock. When the hold down fails, you can either replace the entire unit or replace the broken part. As with our dock leveler parts, we’ve got a full selection of hold downs and replacement parts in our warehouse.

About Us

PartsBrite is based in Los Angeles. We are a service and maintenance parts provider for everything dock-leveler related. If you need anything for your loading dock, including dock safety products, wheel chocks, door guards, and more, PartsBrite has them all. Call us at 1-855-PartsBrite to speak to our sales staff or get a quote today.

We’re open from 6AM to 4PM Pacific time. Our website catalog is available for orders 24/7. If you make an order online, it will ship within 24 hours, and be in San Francisco 24 hours later. Call us today if you have questions or want to place an order.