Same Day Delivery for Southern California!

We now offer same-day delivery for Southern California!  
Parts Brite Delivery Vehicle
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Parts Brite is proud to announce that we are expanding our shipping options to include same-day delivery. We currently ship to the United States, Canada, and Mexico and now offer same-day delivery to Southern California. We understand that sometimes you just can’t wait to get back in business. We are glad to help.
We can meet your needs from a stack of dock levelers to a single spring.
stacks of loading dock levelers           serco loading dock spring
Parts Brite’s move to same-day delivery is in response to customer immediate needs for critical items. Same-day shipping is only available by talking to a customer service representative as we want to make sure everything goes smoothly for your urgent needs.

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Parts Brite specializes in providing American-made, top-quality aftermarket loading dock parts. You can view all of our products online or contact us at 1-855-PARTSBRITE (1-855-727-8727) if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: We don’t actually have a delivery hearse. That was just a crazy idea one night. We use a professional delivery service.

Paul Hildebrandt
Owner, Parts Brite

My background is in Electrical and Software Engineering, but since I started in 2016, I've focused on everything related to docks.   
My team and I are here to help those looking to repair or replace their dock levelers, bumpers, door, and door lights.

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