Sealing Systems for Overhead Loading Dock Doors and Gates

Sealing systems for overhead loading dock doors and gates are necessary components for loading docks because they seal the space between your facility and a docked trailer. Sealing systems provide essential benefits for your loading docks and warehouse, including:

  • Maintain the internal temperature of the warehouse, reducing energy costs in extreme heat and extreme cold
  • Protect your incoming and outgoing freight from damage
  • Give loading dock workers a safer work environment by preventing ice, sleet, and snow from accumulating on the loading dock that can result in injuries from slipping, sliding, or falling
  • Prevent mice and rats from entering the warehouse
  • Protect the warehouse from theft
  • Protect the warehouse from entry by people who are not authorized to be there.
  • Turn parked trailers into a safe, climate-controlled extension of your facility.

There two types of sealing systems available for overhead loading dock doors and gates. One type of overhead loading dock doors and gates sealing system is compression foam dock seals. These are cloth-covered foam seals that you install on the wall at your loading dock door to create a seal against the back of a truck.

The other type of sealing system available for overhead loading dock doors and gates is a dock shelter. This kind of sealing system has a strong, but flexible, frame that is installed to attach to the wall around the loading dock door. Curtains are installed in the frame, and they extend to seal against the back of a truck and the building wall.

Whichever type of sealing system you choose, you will want to consider which system will most effectively seal the majority of trucks that you load and unload at your loading docks. You will also need to make sure that you know the grade of the approach to your loading dock doors, the dimensions of your overhead loading dock doors or gates, the height of your loading docks, and the material that your walls are constructed with.

While compression foam dock seals offer a tighter seal than a dock shelter, they have some limitations, including limiting access to the inside of the trailer and a maximum loading dock door width of 9 feet. Dock shelters, on the other hand, give you full access to the inside of the trailer and can be installed on almost any overhead loading dock door or gate.


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