Loading Dock Maintenance Checklist

Loading Dock Maintenance Checklist

Loading docks are the gateway into and out of facilities, making their smooth and uninterrupted operation critical to both productivity and profitability. However, many loading docks and their equipment are not routinely maintained, serviced, and updated, resulting in frequent equipment breakdowns and failures and aging equipment that can no longer keep up with the demands of moving products in and out of facilities swiftly, effectively, and efficiently.

Having a loading dock maintenance checklist and executing it through inspection on a regular schedule can save facilities money and time, because it can help identify equipment that needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced before an equipment failure creates a crisis.

Even though the initial investment in updated equipment, in some cases, may seem steep, outdated equipment, poorly-maintained equipment, and frequently-failing equipment cost more money and more time in the long run. 

If a facility has its own maintenance personnel, they should be trained on how to properly inspect loading dock equipment, how to maintain and service loading dock equipment, and what to look for to make recommendations for replacement loading dock equipment. An inventory of frequently-serviced and frequently-replaced loading docks parts, such as springs for mechanical dock levelers, should be kept on hand so that the facility doesn't experience downtime waiting on parts to be delivered.

For facilities in colder climates, such as the far northwestern United States, the upper midwestern United States, the northeastern United States, and Alaska, loading dock equipment should be cleaned a minimum of two times a year to prevent rust. A thorough inspection, cleaning, adjustment, and lubrication of all dock loading equipment should be done in the early fall and early spring to keep equipment in good condition.

Two essential items that should be on a loading dock maintenance checklist are loading dock levelers and vehicle restraints.

Loading dock levelers bridge the gap between trucks and the loading dock to create a stable, secure, and safe platform to load and unload products. Therefore, loading dock levelers need to be routinely inspected to ensure that they are operating correctly.

The key dock leveler areas that should be included for inspection on a loading dock maintenance checklist are: 

  • Weather seals
  • Conduit and wiring
  • Main ramp controls or hold-down assemblies
  • Dock bumpers
  • All welding
  • All cylinders and linkage
  • Control boxes
  • Main springs or power modules
  • Rear hinges, lip spools, and pins
  • Stringers and front and rear headers.

Maintenance should be performed as follows after dock leveler inspections:

  • Clean pit, lip hinge, and rear hinge area
  • Test dock leveler operation
  • Lubricate dock leveler according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Adjust dock leveler according to manufacturer's specifications

Vehicle restraints are a vital element of loading dock safety. They are designed to thwart accidents and prevent trailer crawl or premature truck departure.

Vehicle restraint areas of inspection that should be included on loading dock maintenance lists include: 

  • Dock bumpers
  • Conduit and wiring
  • Fasteners and welding
  • Outside signs
  • Inside signs
  • Outside lightboxes
  • Control boxes

Maintenance should be performed as follows after vehicle restraint inspections:

  • Clean vehicle restraints operating area
  • Test vehicle restraints operation
  • Lubricate vehicle restraints according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Adjust vehicle restraints according to the manufacturer's specifications 

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